My name is Scott Blezinger. Iíve been in the taxidermy business in some capacity for over 27 years, 15 years of which have been full time. I got my start while I was going to Texas A&M when I decided to mount a duck for myself. From this small start came a desire to learn the art and trade taxidermy.

Since then I have mounted just about every game animal from North America and just about every exotic species in Texas as well as many African species, but my passion and my specialty is the Whitetail deer. The deer from each region of Texas vary in one way or another. These differences may be the average size of the deer from a certain part of the state or length of nose to the size of the ears. Our local deer are a little different from the deer from any other area of the state and it helps to understand these differences.

I pride myself on never being quite satisfied with whatever level of skill Iíve reached. I am always comparing my quality of work to that of some of best taxidermists in the state of Texas of which there are many great ones. There are different levels of quality in this business, so please make sure and check for the quality of work and not just the price. As far as pricing, I try to keep my prices at a fair level for both my customers and myself.

I am proud to have many repeat customers with many that go back to the beginning of my career. I am also proud to have had the opportunity for the last several years to the be the preferred taxidermist of the Herradura Ranch in Cotulla, TX.

If you are a ranch manager or owner and are looking for a taxidermist to pick up the mounts from your ranch and take care of all your taxidermy needs, please give me a call.

My shop is located in Industry, TX. Industry is a small town in southeast Texas but is really very conveniently located where Hwy 109 and Hwy 159 intersect. We are about 1 hour and fifteen minutes west of downtown Houston and about 1 and Ĺ hours east of Austin. Just 15 miles south of Brenham and 20 miles north of Columbus on Hwy 109.

Please check out the pictures of some of my mounts on this web-site and also please come by my shop and check out my work in person.

Thank you and good hunting -

Scott Blezinger


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